Comparable Scar Treatments

We called our local clinics, spas, and esthetician offices in the LA area to figure out the general price ranges, downtime, and effectiveness of different scar treatment options so you don't have to! 

Treatment Price pain downtime effective
Laser - Damages the top layer of skin so new skin regenerates. Flaking and peeling of the skin is common afterwards.
Results are usually seen in 1-3 treatments. 
 $3000+ Very Painful 7-30 Days  5/5
 Chemical Peels - Acidic chemical masks are placed over the skin and left there
for 30 seconds - 10 minutes based on the severity of the scars.
These remove the top layer of skin, allowing new skin to form.
Results seen in 2-5 treatments.
 $150+/ treatment  Moderate  7 Days  3/5
 Microdermabrasion - A treatment that only targets the outermost layer of
skin. Tiny crystals on a handheld vacuum pump remove the
cells on the top of the skin. Results seen in 4-8 treatments.
 $150+ / treatment  1 Day  Mild  2
 Microneedling at Spa - A treatment that works by inducing collagen deep in to the skin,
causing the skin to rebuild itself. The needles penetrate the skin
by creating tiny holes in the skin and heal it. Results seen in
1-4 treatments. Trauma (bleeding) can occur and numbing cream is often used.
$250+ /treatment    Painful to no pain  12 Hours 5/5
 Facials - Topical creams, lotions, and facial masks are applyed on the
skin and are either left there for a few minutes and removed or
left to skin in. They are done at spas and dermatology offices.
Results seen in 2-10 treatments.
$60 - $150/treatment + tip   None None  2/5 
Banish kit - An applicator and serum system that that lets our serum absorb deeply into skin to firm, brighten, and smooth skin. Results seen in
1-4 uses.  ( 1 to 8 weeks )
 $69 for 3 treatments  Very Little to None 12 Hours or overnight  4/5
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