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1. What kit should I get?

We recommend the small starting out. If you are more tolerable to pain, or you have moderate hyperpigmentation or scarring that you want to treat then you can start with the Medium Kit.

2. Does it hurt?

From our customers, they were surprised on the level of pain, or the lack of pain. They thought it would hurt more. Many describe it as feeling "velcro" along your skin. They have also said it hurts much less than waxing or tweezing your brows. If you are sensitive to pain, you can use the Pore Smasher here to safely numb your skin before using the Banisher.  

3. Does the kit come with everything?

The kit comes with everything you need to do your first treatment, however you will need to use rubbing alcohol to sanitize the roller which can be found at a department store or pharmacy.  

4. I have active acne. Can I still use this?

We suggest getting the pen kit so you can target the area of scars. Do not stamp on scars. You can see how to use the pen in the video here

5. What makes this the best acne scarring treatment out there

We traveled around the world to make sure we got the best possible roller available. We went to several different manufacturers, testing the products and giving all the products tests to make sure they would match up. Additionally, we made sure the factory was clean and well-maintained, there weren't any toxic ingredients in the plant and the needles were sharp and unbent.

Be careful of needles that have a 'bent or hook' in them. These can tug at the skin and incur scarring (instead of curing it)

6. How often should we replace the roller?

Best to replace it after 3-4 uses, since the needles can become dull and there may be a risk of infection to the skin from previous uses. For our repeat customers, we offer a generous discount on the products for future purchases.

7. How long will I receive results?

We've had customers see results from first use to three months, but on average you should start noticing results within 3 to 8 weeks!  We suggest documenting your progress photos and putting them side by side to help you compare your progress.

8. Can men use this?

YES! About 30% of our customers are men!

9. What makes your system the best?

I created this system to help my own skin. It wasn't until people kept bugging me on YouTube to create a kit of the products that were working for me. Trust me, as a beauty blogger for 6 years, these combination products are the best single items that I have reviewed. And I've reviewed hundreds of products!

10. How often should I use it?

The Banisher Stamp and Roller can be used once every two weeks while the Banisher 2.0 can be used once a week.

11. Are the needles sanitary?

Yes! They are completely new, sealed in a box, from a clean and safe factory. With that being said, you should still clean your Banisher with rubbing alcohol for at least 5 minutes before and after each use.

12. What does it mean my "order is fulfilled"

It means it has been assembled and is on its way to the post office!

13. Why does my order say 'unfulfilled'

We only fulfill orders as we have created your shipment. We create your shipment one by one, right as we're ready to package them ensuring for quality. Additionally, all our beauty products (serums, etc) are created fresh with pure ingredients. We could create shortcuts and add extra preservatives so our inventory can last longer, but we would much rather have the purest ingredients in your skin.

14. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we have shipped across the street from our warehouse to all the way in Malaysia.

15. I am a YouTube and/or beauty blogger. Can I give review in exchange for product?

Please contact with your traffic and social media links.

16. Do you accept returns?

Yes, we accept returns even if you've used the product, no questions asked. The product must be returned within 30 days of the shipping costs.

17. What is your 'favorite' roller?

The pen is my favorite because it is much easier to use than the rollers! Also I get lazy and don't like to roll everywhere, just parts where I have scarring :D

18. When/why  do I need to replace? 

It is up to your discretion as to when to replace the Banisher. However, we recommend replacing the Banisher Stamp and Roller after a max of 4 times of use. For the Banisher 2.0, we recommend up to 8 times max. It is very similar to using shaving razors; you do not want to use old dull blades because it can cut your skin. Additionally, there can be a risk of infection when using old rollers. Again, these are guidelines; please use at your own discretion.


19. What makes BANISH better than other companies?

All our products are shipped from the U.S, so there is no drop shipping or no fulfillment by another company. We are based in Los Angeles, California. Therefore, we make sure that all the products are sealed and not broken before they are shipped out. We also strive to respond to every email and phone call. We strive to ship within 1 business day, and we offer 30-day returns!

We personally scout out the best manufacturer we can find for our products and trust them to create the best quality products for us.

Other similar companies ship from China, which may take up to 6 weeks for your order to arrive.


20. Are there little holes left on my face?

We cannot believe how often we get this question. The answer is NO! Your face looks no different after rolling except that your face may be a bit pink (like after exercise) from a treatment. There are no visible 'holes' in your face. You do not look like swiss cheese afterwards. 


21. Can I use a Mask the same day I use the Banisher?

Yes, just use the Mask before the banisher but not right after since a mask may be too irritating to the skin right after rolling.  


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