How Banish Works

How Banish™ works

Our body's skin is made out of three different layers:


In the dermis, our skin consists of collagen and elastin fibers. They are part of what makes our skin hold its shape. Think of these fibers as springs of a mattress







The more fibers we have, and the more consistent they are, the more smooth and supple our skin is. Think of a mattress! The more springs and evenly distributed the springs of a mattress are, the firmer the mattress
Did you know we produce 1% less collagen every year after the age of 20?
And so, as we change and go through life, the structure of our skin changes. This is due to genetics, aging, and environmental factors. This means the fibers under our skin changes.
So how does the Banish ™ system work?
Thank your skin! Did you know your skin has a natural fighting army?




Anytime your skin experiences an injury (scraped knee, popped pimple, etc.) the wound army is mobilized.



fig-05 (1).jpg






Banish ™ System takes advantage of your wound army, building new collagen and breaking down the old for new, healthy, supple skin!
The Banish ™ roller has itty bitty teeny weeny bristles made of titanium. They are very strong and sharp! When rolled across the skin, we trick the skin (shh, don't tell!) that we have tiny micro-wounds




When this happens, the wound army is called! They are hard at work building new fibers



Additionally, these "micro-channels" created by the Banish ™ roller allow further penetration of serums and skincare products. Normally, the serums we use have a hard time penetrating our skin. However, by using a serum right after we use the Banish ™ roller, the serum can absorb more readily in the skin. It's important to use an all-natural serum with no preservatives and harsh chemicals. We highly recommend a Vitamin C, E, Ferulic Acid Serum that comes with the kit. To learn more, click here:


009 - microneedle.jpg

010 - microneedle.jpg

011 - afterserum.jpg



By regular use of the Banish ™ system, your skin will repair itself naturally. Why use harsh, artificial chemicals on your skin? Trick your skin to do what it does best!


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