How To Order

Please follow the steps below to help walk you through your purchase.  

1. On the product page, select the product you want if there are different options.   


2. Click "add to cart" to add product you want to purchase.  There is also a second option called "subscribe and save" which means you will have an auto-delivery of the item every x amount of months.  You may cancel it at anytime.

3.  Click "Check Out" or "Cart"  when you are done shopping to check out your order.


4.  Review your order, when you are ready click on "check out"

5.  Fill out your customer information for the shipping address. Make sure you enter the right address, we are not responsible for returned packages due to an incorrect address. When everything is correct, click on "Continue"


6.  Choose the correct shipping method, and input your payment method.  We accept most major credit cards, and PayPal.  *Note PayPal will not work if you want to purchase a subscription item.  

7.  When everything is correct, Click "Place My Order" to finishing placing your order.  If it is successful, you will be lead to a thank you order confirmation page.

8.  You will be emailed an order confirmation when your order is successfully completed so please check for an email.  That's all!  Orders will usually be shipped out on the same day or a day later and you will be emailed with a tracking # when it is fulfilled.

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